Here is a list of addons that are worth consideration when it comes to play World of Warcraft: Legion. Nothing complicated since most of us out there must be using some of these already, but lets get a quick review together, shall we ?

Following addons are required for raiding in Regulators.

Deadly Boss Mod or Bigwigs
Those type of addons are very useful for boss encounters as they bring forward all the details you need to know. Along the fight, the addon will tell you what is going on, if you should get ready for an important heavy damage phase,  which phase you are in as well as every transisions and, most of all, will keep track any form of timers for you. To resume, it will be your wingmate for all encounters, giving you a precious hand on boss abilities and live advices when it comes to hadle mechanics.

Regulators use DBM(deadly boss mod) but Bigwigs should do just fine and be a good alternative.

Angry Assignments
This addon is very useful when it comes to planning a boss fight. For more details, visit our dedicated segment on this addon here.

This addon is a lot like Weak Auras 2 but much easier to configure. The reason for this addon is because the raid leaders and assists can make a group for the boss that the group has issues on or may have issues on.

End of the current required raiding addons in Regulators.

This addon bring back some of the options blizzard removed from the default UI in Legion.

Another addon that helps you look at your alts with what they have in their bags, equip, and more.

If you have many alts and would like to keep track of important information without having to log on another toon while you play, altoholic is the addon for you. It helps you keep track of various little details such as what’s in your alt’s bag or bank, their currency, their reputation and so on. Over with the alt hopping to check something you are not even sure is on which alt.

Ask Mr. Robot
Ask mr. robot, or AMR, is a good way to keep your toon up to date. If you hesitate between two items like, which one is better or is it good for me? you can always check the ask mr. robot webpage and use the tool to set your gear the way it will beneficiate you the most. Unfortunatly, the best in bags option is only available to members, but you will be able to use a gem and enchant optimization for free.

If you are an adept of the auction house, you need a tool to be able to scan for items if you want to sell blow the price of others. Maybe some of us knew about Auctioneer, but what if there is a simplier and more light weight addon that wont take an eternity to scan everything? This is what auctionator is for. It will only scan for the item you wish to sell rather then a complete scan of the AH, which can be long and heavy weight.

If you are an adept of the auction house, you need a tool to be able to scan for items if you want to sell blow the price of others. Maybe some of us knew about Auctioneer, but what if there is a simplier and more light weight addon that wont take an eternity to scan everything? This is what auctionator is for. It will only scan for the item you wish to sell rather then a complete scan of the AH, which can be long and heavy weight.

An addon that turns on combat logging in Dungeon, Heroic, Mythic, Mythic+, and Raids. If you decide to run this be sure to check your WOWCombatLog.txt. After WOD when we stopped raiding and before we started to raid in Legion my CombatLog was over 5GB.

Clique is an addon that allows you to set your spells to be casted directly onto a mouse-over unit frame and the addon is quite useful as you are not limited to only healing spells. All you have to do is to select the clique interface in your spellbook and arrange the spell/ability you want to cast to a key of your choice. Another nice thing is to have several options whether you want the selected binding only for a specific spec or situation.

You are lost with the new look of your character sheet? Want it back to the way it was in pre-Legion? This addon is the one you need to bring back the normality to your character sheet. You will be able to see more detailed informations like you used to before the changes made by Blizzard.

Elvui is a pretty decent interface revamp. It is easy to personalise it the way you want since you can move anything around your screen. If you are new to this, dont worry it doesnt take very long to get used to this new style of UI. Added to this addon, you can make your game experience even easier. You might also be on the lookout for those Elvui additions that can be downloaded directly from the tukui webpage or some others are directly on curse gaming.
If you want to add more details or functionality to your Elvui, not to say make it prettier, those are suggested: Elvui Enhanced Again, AddOnSkins, SimpleRareElites. The Elvui Raid Markers is simply used in the elvui enhanced again, so if you are running the enhanced version, you wont need it as they are place above the right chat window.

Exorsus Raid Tools
If you want to be more aware of your follow raiders’ situation and what’s up globally in the raid, then this addon is for you. It is very useful to keep track of all raid’s cooldowns and it allows you to see  a lot of ‘useful’ information. After a fight, you will then be able to see precious data about what happened, who did what… many many things. Even if this addon is mostly useful for raid leaders, tanks and “officers”, you can try this if you want ^^.

GTFO!!!! no… really… get the f*** out!!! Please excuse my language, but this addon is a real life saver when it comes to let you know there is something wrong. Sometimes, when you are so focused on the fight, you need to move and you realize it just a second too late. BAM here comes the fatality. This addon will provide the warning you might need to wake up by playing an alarm buzzing sound. No more people staying in the fire because it gives more rage…

Guild Tracker
This addon will keep track of every changes made to the guild. Even if you are offline, be assured you will know what happened while you weren’t there. It keeps track of every important, or not, things that happened whether is someone leaving, a change in the roaster, who leveled up or ranked up. Anything! Time to spy on the guild ! Mwuahahaha. No seriously, you shall now know everything.

This addon is a shortcut for those who are rare tracking. Now with the new changes, you can easily see on your map the little star icon to lead you to a treasure or a rare without the help of an addon, but this with this installed, it will display a popup vignette and playing a sound if you are in the vincity of a rare without even looking at your minimap. More tools can be added to your world map and you should check for those two addons which are _NPCScan.Overlay and _NPCScan.Overlay.Broker.

Mailbox friendly interface that will give you more options to what you can do such as only opening AH sold mail, returning a mail instantly, mailing your alts(on the same realm) or keep track of recent mail you sent . You wont need to sort through all the mail to get your money, making it faster to proceed through all the incoming mails. With updates in 7.2.5 this addon is not as useful for opening a lot of mail but it is useful sending alts and friends.

Omen Treath Meter
This addon is very useful when it comes to watch your treath. Sometimes you need to slow down on dps to avoid over passing a tank or just being sure that you got all the aggro you need as a tank.  Is is a useful tool for multiple tank as it tells you what’s up when you need to get the aggro over the other tank. I know its not much of a problem nowadays, but be informed that such an addon does exist. It has been used since vanilla and it is still there to help.

Skada or Recount Or Details!
Skada, Recount, and Details! are damage meters to let you see your performance and the group’s performance. All are customisable and can be used for specific roles into the fight.

This addon is a time saver for Suramar. This contains all the leyline points and all the portals fed by it and it will display their location on your map. Whether you are new to Suramar, on an alt and you cannot remember where things are or just because you love addons, this one is for you.

Weak Aura 2
Yet another addon that will keep you focused on the combat and not on your procs or ability. Weak aura is a customizable system where you can set an icon or design to appear in a spot on your screen. Once all set, you will be able to see the procs and other things that is happening without loosing eye contact of the combat that is going on. This addon doesnt require much knowledge in coding and it does the work for you. If you want something that is not there and you are skilled with encoding, you can make your own.

Wow Instant Messenger
Also called WIM, this addon keeps track of all your whispers conversation if asked. With this addon, it will be harder to miss a whisper because it will pop up a small chat frame in your window, redirecting your attention to those talking to you. Dont worry, if you are in combat the message will wait for you to be done before displaying the incoming whisper.

Improved Blood Trader
With the Blood of Sargeras trader put in the game this addon lets you buy more than one stack at a time.

Easy Obliterate
If you use the Obliterate forge this addon makes it easier to put the items you want to in the forge. You still need to click the button but anything you don’t gray out will auto fill.

World Quest Tracker
Make your World Questing easier. Open your map when you are in Legion and it displays all the WQ of the day on your over map.

Raid Assist
From the creator if Iskar Assist comes Raid Assist. If a new boss tool like Iskar Assist needs made they can update Raid Assist to include the new change. It also adds some nice quality of life changes to updating raid groups and more.



Change log
06.26.17 – Added TellMeWhen, Made TellMeWhen to the required raiding addons. Resorted the addon list putting required addons at the top. Moved Details! into the group of damage meters. Added AdvancedInterfaceOptions. Added AutoCombatLogger.
01.18.17 – Added Armory, and Raid Assist
10.27.16 – Added Details!, Improved Blood Trader, Easy Obliterate, and World Quest Tracker