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Regulators Loot Rules and Raiding Rules (Updated 03.04.2018)

Raiding Requirements

  • The required addons can be found in #required-addons; these addons will be updated or changed as the Raid Leaders feel necessary. Regulators does not require much but what we do require helps not only you the player but the group as a whole.
  • Players will be required to have a minimum item level as well as a minimum DPS/HPS for each raid.
    • Failure to meet or exceed these minimums will result in players sitting out till they can improve.
  • Players will need to be back and ready to eat after the bio break. Players not back after the bio break will be given an additional 2 mins to get back.
    • Any player not back will be removed from the group.
    • The players removed from the group can join back up after the encounter is finished.
    • This is not to “punish” anyone; this is to keep the raid moving. We all understand people may need to go take care of family. In the event you let the Raid Leaders know before the break that you need to do so, extra time may be allotted to the break. If extra time is not allotted, you can still join back up after the encounter is done.
    • If a player says they are back during the pull timer count down they will still need to wait till the encounter is finished before they can rejoin the raid.
  • Players are required to continue to follow the mechanics and strategies on encounters even during farm. Failure to do so will result in one of the following for repeat offenders
    • Offenders will be taken to a private chat to discuss their actions
    • Repeat offenders may lose their raider rank
    • Repeat offenders may lose their raid spot until they improve
  • Players are not to call other players out, out of spite.
    • Assigned players may call out names of people who have a debuff or need to move from a mechanic.
    • Players may ask for a boss to be moved
    • Raid Leaders will call out players for doing something wrong.
    • Tanks will call out players who are stacking on the tank when they should not be. (Be aware this will get progressively more aggressive the more players stack on tanks when they shouldn’t be.)
  • Accept or Decline as soon as you can on the calendar invite so the Raid Leader(s) know what they are working with and what they need to fill.
    • If something comes up before the raid please let an officer know so they can plan accordingly.
  • Watch the video on the boss fight that gets posted in #raid-talk. The Raid Leader(s) will go over the fight and talk about the strategy that they feel is best for the group. Said strategy may not be exactly what was covered in the video but is built for what they feel will be best for the group.
  • If a player sees an issue with a strategy, they should feel comfortable enough to reach out to the Raid Leader to explain the fight. When doing so, reach out to them via in game whisper or if you have a suggestion after the raid, post it in your personal channel and @ them so they know to look.
    • Nothing worse than when a person explains the fight and has someone key up or type in raid chat something different. You may feel you are helping and in the long run you may be helping but what that ends up causing is mass confusion.
  • Player will be required to have some consumables with them. (Pots, Flasks, Food, Tomes) These should be used in the event the player misses a table or misses the handing out of flasks.
  • You should know and understand your main character having full knowledge of all arsenals of spells, cooldowns, and talents. There will be a period of adjustment at the beginning of new content, but once raiding begins, there should not be any question that you know how to play your character.
  • When waiting to pull the boss, players will not target the boss, stealth/prowl near the boss or use toys directed at the boss. This cost guild resources and impedes progression/slows the raid down. Punishment to repeat offenders may result in the following.
    • Offenders will be taken to a private chat to discuss their actions
    • Repeat offenders may lose their raider rank
    • Repeat offenders may lose their raid spot till they improve


  • Players will be required be enchanted and gemmed with the proper enchants and gems.


  • With the loot being changed to all Personal in BFA the way loot we will do the following.
    If you get something that you do NOT want and you can trade it open a trade with the Raid Leader. Before the next boss loot will be rolled on. It will be tracked like we use to do with Master Looter. The Raid Leader will link an item asking for rolls for Main Spec. Players wanting it will do /roll. The player who won will get it traded to them. If no one needs it then it will go to Off Spec. If no one needs it then it will be disenchanted.

    • This is not saying if you get something that can be trade you must trade it to the Raid Leader. Only trade items you DON’T want.
  • Raid Leader will keep track of who wins items so that items can be spread out evenly.
    • This will be dealt with the same way we have in the past with Master Looter. Players can win more than one item but if Player A rolls a 77 and Player B rolls a 4 Player B would get the item since Player A has already won something.
  • Players will not pester others for items. If they don’t need or want the item they will give it to the Raid Leader to be dealt with.
    • If players are pestering people provide the Officers with a screen shot of the message so they can deal with it.
    • If a Player gets talked to about pestering people and even after being talked to and they continue to do it they may be removed from the raid.



Core Member/Raider Rank

  • A Core Member is defined as someone who comes to 3+ raid weeks in a row and doesn’t miss 3+ raids without prior notification to the Raid Leader or Officers. (When raiding Sat and Sun that is counted as 1 raid)
  • A player can become a Core Member even if they are not in the guild. If the player keeps coming to the raid they will be considered a Core Member. *Please see Interested/Outsiders topic
  • Once a player reaches Core Member status for the raid, are in the guild, and have a Authenicator, they will be moved to raider rank and alts will be put at raider alt. Please note that any new characters you add to the guild will not be able to be put at raider alt rank till blizzard sees that character with an Authenicator. This can take up to 5 days after that character joins the guild.
  • If you are a Core Member and you know you will need to miss 3 or more raid let the Raid Leaders/Officers know. Each reason will be taken on a case by case bases.
  • Core Member rewards the players who came and worked hard to get the bosses down.
  • When a new expansion comes out, ranks won’t change until the 3 raids. If a player doesn’t come to the first 3 raids, they will be demoted and need to work their way back up.
  • If a player is a part of raids more than 1 day a week, showing up to both raids still only counts as 1 for that week. It works the other way for players too. If they can only make it to one raid but they continue to show up to at least 1 raid for that group, they will still be considered a Regular Member and have the Raider Rank as long as the previously requirements stated are reached.


  • These players need to reach out to the lead officer of the role they wish to fill
    • The lead will determine if they have the requirements to be in the raid
    • This reaching has to happen at least 3 hours before the scheduled raid time
  • If the spot the interested player wants to play is already full they cannot come
    • Example is if the group is already full on healers the interested party cannot expect to come and knock an already established member out of that role unless an established player wishes to change their role
  • These interested parties need to have their own consumables if they are players outside the guild

Additional Raid Teams

If a player wishes to make an additional raid team then the following is the requirements.

  • Additional team may not poach from already existing teams.
    • If a player wants to bring an alt to an additional team this does NOT count as poaching.
  • If additional team is pugging players, the pugged players must be shown the same respect give to members of the guild.
  • Player wishing to start an additional raid team should reach out to an Officer.
    • Officer will lend you a hand but will NOT do the work for you
  • Items provided to the other teams will also be provided to the additional team provided members of the additional team donate mats for the items.
  • Groups will not compete with one another in a negative way.
    • Example if the 2nd group passes up the first group they won’t brag about it.

When the additional raid team becomes a regular thing the following happens

  • Raid Leader and Raid Assts will get the ability to mute/move/kick people. If someone needs banned from discord they would need to reach out to an Officer.

Some raiding notes

  • Regulators tries to provide food and flasks to the raid. Any donations of mats required to make food and flasks are always accepted and can be placed in the last tab of the guild bank.
  • Regulators tries to provide enchants to the raid. The start of an xpac is the hardest time, so any donations of Green, Blue, Purple items that can be traded is always accepted and can be placed in the last tab of the guild bank.
    • If you need an enchant contact Cougarsixsix or Zlaa. If you do not see them in game you can send them an in game mail with what you are requesting. Please be sure to request it as the following example. Ring – 2 I need two Back – Str This way we know what you need. If you just say you need 2 ring enchants we are not going to know what one you need.
  • Regulators tries to provide gems to the raid. The start of an xpac is the hardest time so any donations of ore is always accepted and can be placed in the last tab of the guild bank.
  • Please understand that all of the professions required to make any of this is on a few different characters and thus requires different characters to be leveled. If you want to reach out and want to be the group alchemist for example please let a Raid Leader know so they can get you the mats. Anything you make with the mats need to be put into the last tab of the guild bank.

This may seem like a lot of rules but they are rules we have had that were not written down or some are new moving forward to increase the health of the raid group. Every xpac from as far back as Wrath updated or new rules have been put in place for raiding. Legion brought a lot of places we lacked to light and thus made it clear that rules had to be put in place to improve the health of the group.


Change Log
*05.31.18 – Updated the Loot Rules to fall inline with Blizzard change to Personal Loot.
*03.04.18 – Updated language and added new rules.
*07.01.17 – Added TellMeWhen to the required addons list. Added Discord to the required addon list.
*04.09.17 – Added rules for alt characters in farm raids. Added requirements for alt characters.
*02.08.17 – Clarified the language on Regular Member/Raider Rank and added xpac ranking this this rank. Clarified the language on MS OS rolls. Added more info and Discord info to the “I want to Lead a Guild Raid Team” section.
*06.11.16 – Change addon language. Changed calendar accept/decline language. Added a addons section.
*02.13.16 – Clarified the language on the Tier loot distribution. This also is in red.
*01.11.16 – Highlighted in red the changes from the last update.
*01.10.16 – Added Class Trinkets to the Regular members role.
*10.25.15 – Created the Raiding Rules Page

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