Info about ranks can be found here.

Guild Master – No explanation should be needed. [Rank Requires an Authenticator]

Banker – Guild Banker. Will take items from the guild bank and try to sell them for money. If items are in the guild bank for a long time the Banker will take it and sell it some way. [Rank Requires an Authenticator]

Officer – A member the Guild Master and other Officers think will be a benefit to the guild. This could be in many different ways. Just befriending the Guild Master or Officers will not help you get in this rank. If you want to work your way to being an officer let the Officers know. They are the ones who bring up they want to work with. The Guild Master is a tie breaker or Veto. A reason the Guild Master may veto could be past issues or issues going in in a players real life and they don’t want to put more pressure on them. Any player approached to be an Officer must be willing to adjust themselves to represent the guild. [Rank Requires an Authenticator]

Officer  Alt – Any player who is an Officer will have their alts placed in this rank. Note that if a new character is added to the guild it may take a few days before the system sees the authenticator on the account. [Rank Requires an Authenticator]

Raider – Any member who joins 3 raids in a row will be promoted to Raider rank. Missing 3 raids with out prior notification to an Officer or Raid Leaders. [Rank Requires an Authenticator]

Raider Alt – Any member who is in the Raider rank will have their alt placed here. [Rank Requires an Authenticator]

Member – After being a new New Member for 2 weeks they will be promoted to this rank.

Member Alt – Any member who is in the Member rank will have their alt placed here.

Away from Game – Players who are away from the game for 2 months or more will go to this rank.

New Member – Any new member to the guild will go to this rank. After two weeks they will be promoted to Member. The only way to bypass the 2 week trial is if someone can vouch for the new member.

Why do some ranks require an authenticator? Because these ranks have higher access to the guild bank. Not that we don’t trust the players in the guild but we don’t want to run the risk of people getting hacked. Yes you can still get hacked with an authenticator but a player with out one would be hacked before a player with one. The more access is access to withdraw items from the two raiding tabs. Even if you are a Member or lower and you come on raids if the guild is providing food, flasks, and potions you will still get enough to cover the raid. At times repairs will be increased during guild raid nights. Use it as you can. If you forget to repair from the guild bank after the price is reduced again sorry.

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