Legion Raiding


9/24/16 Will be the first raid night. Please remember to have DBM or Big Wigs, Angry Assignments, and Vent installed. The server info for vent is in the info tab on the guild UI. Please have your gear enchanted and have gems in gear that needs it. Doesn’t need to be the blue quality gems the green quality will be fine. Same with the enchants they don’t need to be the top end enchants. (Mats are currently still hard to get.)

Video Page & Update Page


Guild Video page has been updated. The videos from Warlords of Draenor has been given their own page per raid and moved to the archive menu.

Highmaul Videos
Blackrock Foundry Videos
Hellfire Citadel Videos

The video page has been updated with links to these pages as well. The YouTube Playlist will continue to grow with every guild video released.

This change was made because the larger list of videos on the page slows down the page load time. So this was a website clean up as well as a website speed up change. I have also removed the old update posts from being displayed. Again this was just a clean up. If I can figure out a way to convert them to pages I will but at this point in time I don’t see a way.

~ Mystic/Slaa