08/18/2017 We will be moving voice chat over to Discord. If you have not already made a Discord account head over to https://discordapp.com/ and sign up. Once you sign up use the code https://discord.gg/Kr2Rvht to join the guild server. If you register with a username that is not your name in the guild send a DM to Zlaa(Mystic) with who you are.  You can head over to http://regulators-cc.com/rules/discord/ to learn some of the basics of Discord and head over to http://regulators-cc.com/rules/discord/p2t-discord/ to learn how to set up Push to Talk. If you step is not done you will not be able to talk in any of the voice channels.

What does Discord offer than Vent doesn’t?

  • It’s free.
  • Text Chat. We already have many different channels and more can and will be added as needed.
  • A personal Text Chat that give you direct communication with the Officers.
  • Voice sounds much better on Discord.
  • It’s free.
  • Has a phone app for iOS and Android that lets you talk in the text channels as well as connect via voice.
  • People are posting funny pictures.
  • It’s free!

Why are we talking about being under 300K DPS?


So a few people have talked to me about their DPS and saying they will step out. That is not the point in us saying people need to pick up their DPS. We are not saying “You are under 300K DPS GTFO!” We are only saying people need to look at their gear they have on or in their bags to see what they can do to get more DPS. We are getting into the last few bosses of Normal Nighthold and they require a good amount of DPS.

So how can you improve? This goes for everyone

Look at World of Logs for the fights on normal and look at other players of your class and spec and see what spells they are using. Maybe they are using something you are not. Maybe they are keeping something up you are not. If someone in the raid is the same class and spec as you and they are doing more than you reach out to them. They might have found an addon that is helping them or they may have found a different rotation or a different website.

Look at more than just Noxxic or Icy-Veins. Look around MMO-Champion or even a google search for your class and spec for the current patch. What was good 2 weeks ago may not be good now. That being said if a talent is the “go to” option play around with it first. If the talent adds a new button for you to push it might not be the best idea to switch right before raid. It might be better to use it during the week to get use to it.

When looking at the different resources check what they are suggesting to Gem and Enchant. If you have a Legendary go ahead and put the purple +200 agi, str, or int. Remember when you need an Enchant let Cougarsixsix, Petiemoss, or Zlaa know. If they are not one pick one and send them an in game mail with what you need. They will be more than happy to get it to you. Same goes for if you get a new item in the raid. Say you need it as loot is being handed out. If you need a gem ask in raid or guild. We have a bunch of friendly people who are willing to help out.

If you have more than two legendarys look at what they can do for each fight. One might be better for fight X but not as good on fight Y.

Trinkets, Neck, and Rings. Even with the 7.1.5 pass to try and fix the stats on these items we are still seeing that a lower item can be better. Take a better look at these slots and items.

Do LFR for your 2/4 pc bonus.  See what your 2 and 4 pc does. The bonus may be worth giving up the Normal item level to get the set bonus.

Make sure you have the food you need. The first tab of the guild bank has the 375 food. Take a stack before the raid starts and always eat it. Same goes for Flasks. If you miss the cauldron speak up. One of the Officers or another member of the team will get you set with a flask.

Potions (AKA POTS) sound silly but they do help. Ever wonder what we have a 10 second count down timer? You want to use a POT when the counter hits 2 so that way when we hit hero later on in the fight you can use another POT. If we hero at the start then you want to save your 2nd POT to line up with your big cool downs.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to one of the raid leaders for assistance if you are confused on something or trying to figure out a direction to go.